SYLMIET company was established in Łódź in 1984. Company’s name derives from the first letters of names of its establishers, Sylwia Kornacka and Mieczysław Kornacki. The registered office is in Łódź- Polish capital city of fashion, a city of over 150 years textile and clothing industry traditions.


Many years of experience laid the Company’s grounds for fields of special interest in manufacturing shirts, trousers and full range of service and professional clothing. Products in our offer feature very high performance quality and unbelievably affordable prices. Sylmiet company’s products are made of carefully selected fabrics and feature rich designing.


What has become a fundamental goal of marketing strategy on Polish market is developing “Sylmiet” brand not only as a brand of clothes manufacturer but in the foremost place as a brand that meets clients requirements and needs, gives advice and assists in creating unique “world model” of every client.


The company’s success is the result of a well-considered manufacture and sale policy followed by its owners. Moreover, our designers bear in mind that ongoing European trends and fashion tendencies play fundamental role in their work.


We invite you to cooperate with us.